Kerri Wolter

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Kerri Wolter is one of the world’s leading experts on vultures and a recognised ‘vulture whisperer’. She has devoted the past 14 years of her life to understanding and protecting these much-maligned creatures and established VulPro NPC in 2007. In her role as CEO she has built VulPro NPC into the biggest vulture centre in South Africa, with over 130 non-releasable vultures. Her work at the centre spans vulture rehabilitation, breeding and hand-rearing for, supplementation and reintroduction purposes, research, field monitoring and surveys, threat mitigation as well as running education and awareness programmes across South Africa.

Long Bio

Kerri is a dedicated conservationist but her ability to connect with and handle vultures has given her unique insight to these creatures and the role they play within society. She has been featured in a short film on vulture conservation that has been shown at festivals on South African and France and appeared in an award-winning TV commercial and a ‘making of..’ film to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Mazda Wildlife Fund.

In addition to her work with vultures, her expertise sees her travelling the world to assist with raptor issues. For example, she participated in the Bald Eagle Biosentinel Research Project in the U.S., which was established to halt the decline in bald eagle numbers.

Kerri also co-ordinates and manages all vulture research activities through the University of Pretoria, and has authored or co-authored around 40 papers and articles on subjects that range from vulture diseases to fitting tracking devices.

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